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The 2020 Wedding & Event Trend - Sustainability

Wedding & Event trends come and go – we’ve all seen the Cronuts, Donut Walls,

Unicorn everything and updating your Facebook Status at the altar. I often get asked what the upcoming or latest trend for Events and Weddings is and you may or may not be shocked at what I’m about to say. Our usual and previous comments are on aesthetics – like the good ol’ cheese tower instead of wedding cake or grazing tables on arrival, however, our prediction for 2020 is a lot more humbling and carefully thought out than the style of table decorations or long and lows (you know – the floral arrangement in the middle of the table that is quite literally designed and placed as it is named – long and low). The new trend is a little greener than previously mentioned and we certainly aren’t relating to the colour.

It’s Sustainability!

I recently asked a business friend of mine, regarding choosing an Event or Wedding Venue and asked the following:

“If you had 2 top Event or Wedding Venues with similar inclusions, similar menus and similar prices… would the fact that one of them is promoting that they are producing sustainable & conscious menu items/ furniture & decorations/ using conscious suppliers persuade your decision?”

and not to my surprise the answer was

“abso – bloody - lutely”.

With the unfortunate events surrounding our beautiful Australian country over the last 4 months, and the natural world enlightenment surrounding climate change – us humans are experiencing some trauma, whether we like it or not. We have started questioning where our everyday life choices come from which, in turn, makes us question our food and beverage choices, spending choices and environmental choices. Slowly but surely you will see this “trend” become apparent through questions in your venue site inspections and event enquiries, so it’s time to put a little focus on this and ensure you are ready.

But Why?

Event / Wedding Managers

Imagine using the products and services you promote and sell every day knowing that they came from a sustainable source or a company working towards sustainability! It’s that little extra job satisfaction you will get and you don’t have to change the way your day to day works. You can confidently continue to sell whilst know you are trying to work with our environment one step at a time.

It will soon become a topic of conversation at Events & Weddings so why not start asking the questions? Some venues are already doing their part or at least striving to become better. Take our clients - Applejack Hospitality in Sydney, for example, who are already partnering with GoodFish Project – Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide and have plated many seafood dishes the sustainable way. It’s not limited to Sydney – but also in places like Byron Bay, where the exquisite Rae’s at Wategoes Beach is a partner and one of my favourites – Harvest in Newrybar. It may seem like I’m a partner too but low and behold I am not – I’m just a super huge seafood lover 😉

Image: Applejack Hospitality - The Endeavour Tap Rooms - Sydney

Sales Tools

This will become a natural Sales Tool very shortly, something you can easily promote and discuss with your potential clients – it’s like that delicious little sneaky add on to show your clients that you know your stuff… and… you’re on top of the game. It's a natural aspect for me to teach and mentor Event Managers to answer the questions of a potential client before they ask them. Imagine if you could proudly announce what you’re doing to promote sustainability within your client's event! This isn’t just limited to food and beverage – this can be related to using local providers, sourcing handmade and properly paid makers of decorations and furnishing (provided by your venue of course) or as simple as setting up a meeting with your current suppliers to sell their activities in improving sustainability.

Together we can work to ensure this trend becomes everything BUT a trend – It will boost confidence and understanding in your job role, convert more clients (as naturally all of our mindsets are shifting), create more revenue for your business, the local community & suppliers you support, all whilst using the new positive changes as Sales Tools – because remember:

Sales is not about fabricating ideas or exaggerating offerings but simply believing in and being proud of the product or service you provide. Sustainability for the win.

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