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I want to make more sales!

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... to start increasing revenue and conversions within your venue with confidence and positivity

If you chose a clear and conscious way to learn all about the customer journey, your own sales pipeline, how to maximise revenue on calendar events and implement new site inspection tools...


… would you feel more confident showing up each day working on converting even more of your enquiries?


This course is designed to give you the insight into adapting new Events & Wedding sales skills to work on achieving the targets that are thrown your way. 

So why does the thought of 
"increasing Conversion rates" seem tough?

You're sitting at your desk and are managing to answer all enquiries that are coming in, placing them on tentative holds and are converting as many leads into a sale that you can. But here's that point when the yearly budget review is taking place

You know the CEO or even your team is working on increasing your sales targets and you're about to be delivered a higher budget than ever before


You're sweating at the thought of having to reach new target heights month on month and bring in the money the business has asked for.

And here it comes... 


...that dreaded new budget with tens of thousands or even millions of dollars of revenue targets set... 


and you're in charge of converting your Events & Wedding clients to reach this.

So what do you do?

Do you implement the same tactics and just work harder and more hours? Or do you learn new sales tactics and invest in your own knowledge to blow these bosses out of the water?

I know which one I'd do!


What if i told you that generating new sales tactics for your venue isn't as hard as you may think?

Having some super essential training into how to built new sales tactics each and every week for your business is key to new and innovative ways you can increase revenue and conversions for your business. This course provides a deep dive into the training of Customer Journeys, your Calendar Events, magnifying the sales pipeline and NAILING your site inspections. This will give any Events or Weddings Coordinator, Manager, Sales Manager and even Marketing team the insights into such a niche area of Hospitality Sales. 

Think about this:

Would your employer rather say yes to a pay rise or a promotion to someone who has previous experience... or...


say yes to someone with the relevant experience, demonstrated sales techniques and the experience to develop new sales strategies to increase revenue and conversions?

I know who I'd be hiring!



Learn all about the customers perspective while training in how to recognise new sales strategies ready to implement today... all in a 4 module, month long program with a newly established like minded community

It took 20 years in the biz, working with national & international companies, leading Events & Wedding Sales portfolios of up to $11m per year to create a simple to use system that works for beginners and advanced teams.

I'm handing over some of my key sales strategies to you

4 modules delivered to your inbox over 4 weeks
1 hour (approx) session every week completed at your leisure
Activities to complete in week 1, 2, 3 & 4
Start Date Anytime after your date of purchase!
Access Time 60 days

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What's inside the Course?



Have you ever mapped out your customer journey so you understand all stages of the process from enquiry through to post-event?

Do you know at which stage the customer is most likely to make a decision and what we should be doing in this moment?


In this module, we’ll jump right in and show you how this map looks like while detailing the psychology of sales in each area.


We’ll then dissect these into 2 areas, the client’s perspective and your perspective, providing you with a “whole of journey” understanding to personalise your own map.

Understanding your Customer Journey

Customer Journey.png
Module Images (1).png



How fun are waterparks right! I mean who doesn’t love a waterslide?


What If I could show you that we could actually assist the client to land in the right position?


Well this is called your Events pipeline and we’re going to go through creating your own events pipeline using either your CRM system of a basic excel spreadsheet.


We’ll also focus on the Peak and Off peak seasons specific to your personalised pipeline so we can recognise new opportunities.


You will learn to develop concepts and work with your marketing department on executing these new ideas.

Events Pipeline &
Sales Strategies


Maximising your Calendar Events

So what is a calendar event?


Does your workplace put on special ticketed or exclusive events like New Years Eve, Valentines Day or even Superbowl?


In this module we’re not only going to learn how to recognise Event Sales opportunities to increase revenue in the business by betters sales strategies,


but you’ll learn the importance of the smaller details such as floor plans and menu items to ensure you are

increasing revenue year on year.


Customer Journey (1).png


Site Inspection Training to Increase Conversions

This has to be one of my favourite things to teach!


You will receive the specific We Surge style of training with all of the tips on what to discuss, in which order, how to deliver and most importantly, how to CLOSE your sale and increase your conversions.


Are you aiming for a conversion at each and every site inspection you do? If you’re not this sometimes come down to lack of confidence and training.


You’ll also take home the We Surge training manual… this module will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for your next Site Inspection to book in so you can practice your new skills and aim for those conversions.

The Converting Events & Weddings Course arms you with  tactical sales training so you can confidently implement new sales strategies to not only increase revenue, but also your conversions (without sounding like a call centre person)

As you start putting your learnings to use, you can hop in our private community to dish out questions, ask for feedback and support others who are going through the same process - yep I'll be in there too for all of the advice you need

Bonus !

And because we all like
tangible items..


Customer Journey Map: A view from both the customers perspective and the Event Managers perspective outlining the sales and management process in a visual format

Personalised Map: Your very own customer journey map that you will have tailored to your customers, your own job role and even the company that you work for

Follow Up Procedure: The key to following up is discipline, procedure and knowing when and how to do it. You will take home the We Surge follow up manual with all the tools you need to convert more enquiries

Event Pipeline Template: This simple to use Excel spreadsheet will give you a visual insight into everything happening in the next year for Events. Using this tool you will be able to recognise gaps in your bookings and areas you can target with new sales strategies

Calendar of Events 2022 & 2023: Each and every holiday in AUS, CA, US and UK for 2022 & 2023 for you to work on establishing new Event Sales ideas to maximise revenue on your holidays. (Don't forget you'll get taught how to use this in the lessons)

Site Inspection Manual - Walk Ins: These manuals are a guide of how to show clients (who walk in without an appointment) exactly what your venue or business has to offer in order to get them to the most important stage - conversion

Site Inspection Manual - Tentative Hold : No Proposal: This manual has the specific tools you need to convert those tentative holds on the spot. You're already armed with the knowledge of what their event is about, so lets work on nailing the sale!

Site Inspection Manual - Tentative Hold : Proposal Received: When this Site Inspection is booked in, it's usually a "final touches" moment when your business or venue has been narrowed down with only a few left in the running. It's time to tighten those skill sets and use them to convert on the spot

Membership in the private Facebook group: Get ready to join a group of Events & Wedding enthusiasts going through the same journey you are. Share your thoughts, Ideas and ask for feedback from me.

Conference Room

"Only costs 

3 coffees per day!" 

There were plenty of gems I'll incorporate into my daily practices as a Sales & Events Manager

Bree is naturally a great speaker. Her recent Events & Weddings Sales 101 mini course presented fantastic content within the frameworks of a step by step model. Bree provided practical pieces and perspective (and funny stories) on Events & Sales that only someone who has extensive years within the industry can provide. I was intrigued and engaged the entire time.

I look forward to working with Bree again in the near future!

Stephanie Kesby


So how much does it cost?

When you enrol TODAY, you’ll click open your membership link to start:

My 4 Core Curriculum Trainings (value: $2,000)

Customer Journey Maps (value: $300)

Follow Up Procedure (value: $200)

Event Pipeline Template (value: $300)
Calendar Events '22 & '23 AUS, US, CA & UK (value: $200)

Site Inspection Manuals (value $500)

Exclusive access to our Private Facebook Community (value: $PRICELESS)


But don't you worry, I won't be charging you anywhere near that price to teach you new sales skills to convert more Events & Weddings.


I want this course to be accessible to everyone in hospitality, no matter what level of Events, Marketing or Operations you are at. These strategies even work great for those looking to get into Events. If you're ready to learn new sales skills to start increasing your Conversions - then you're in the right place!

But because I'm so passionate to teach something that is considered SO niche, you can grab all of this juicy knowledge in the Converting Events & Weddings Course for just... 


(total value $3050)

(total value $3050)



The woman who has been in Events & Weddings for over 20 years and cares way more about the conversions than about the flowers and the cake

Hi! I'm Bree Wailes

I was known to be a little "left field" back in Event & Wedding Management heydays because I cared more about the Sales Revenue and the Customer Journey than I did about the flowers and the cake. 

I've been lucky enough to work on Executive Teams where I have redeveloped internal business structures & strategies to ensure the Events & Weddings teams were converting more than ever.

Being personally responsible for multi-million dollar venue portfolios, I have reached each and every yearly target that has been thrown my way, increased revenue by 240% in one year, overseen 1500 weddings and have curated too many high-end corporate events to mention.

After many years of growth (20 in Hospo Events, Weddings, Marketing & Sales in fact) 

Salesoda was born

So here I am, Founder of Salesoda - ready to share all of my knowledge with you in a truly positive environment. 


"Only costs

3 coffees per day!"

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