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KPIs and KRAs - boost morale and give a clear indicator to both the employees and management as to the direction each team member is headed. Here at Salesoda we pride ourselves in working with true statistical data incorporating friendly and easy ways to track success to ensure your teams are growing, the business and revenue is growing more than ever


The most important part of event sales is the sales process between the Enquiry – Tentative & Conversion state. A misconception for Event Managers and venues alike is that the most integral part of any Events Role is the operations of the event and the interaction between client and coordinator after the sale, without having complete control and ownership of the ETC process, there will be no Events to manage! Here we will delve right into each section of the process angled from both sides – the client – and the coordinator. A well-rounded training on each aspect of this journey so all involved (from coordinator to director) will have much more knowledge of how to leverage and increase sales through this process.


Introduction to the Customer Journey process. Mapping out the process specifically to your business and presenting back to increase understanding of stages during the process. From here we will divide into 2 journeys - those of the Customer & the employees. We'll use easy to understand diagrams to insert the sales points in this process that may not have been recognised before the training to ensuring that each team member becomes more aware of the Sales within a Customer Journey.


From the simplest of activities - food, beverage & activity upsells, to the more complex - exclusive event offerings. Here we will discuss in detail all key areas within the business we could upsell and how each staff member can implement this into their BAU.


All aspects of Event Management and Sales training require impeccable time management and systems for filing. How many people do we know in hospitality (especially events) who often mention how time poor they are? Utilising easy to use procedures including an overview and training in time management, each person trained in this aspect will work more timely each day – along with occupying one standard of filing systems, categories and email style throughout the business.


The new procedures will shorten the ladder in the conversion and implementations to promote better time management including a smoother process for the client. Categories will relate to all areas across the ETC & Event Management processes and not only training, but utilising these new processes each day will improve productivity, alleviate mistakes, give more time to nurture the current clients and increase conversion rates. It’s been proven!


Internal communications are just as important as external communications when it comes to Event Management in Momento Hospitality. Here we will provide a simple tool & process to communicate to all teams including bar, kitchen, management and event operations staff, this will be communicated weekly with a projection of upcoming events, what they will be requiring for food and which beverage options they have chosen. It’s a great tool to prevent uncertainty and questions regarding upcoming events.


If we were to ask the question of how many enquiries you had last month, this week and in April 2020 would you be able to tell me? Would you be able to assess and advise the company on your conversion rate and why a specific client didn’t book with you? Enquiry reporting is a really basic technique to use with or without using a CRM where you have a clear indication of statistics. Enquiry reporting is imperative as a backbone to your Event Sales – with this simple process you will gain a greater understanding of your current and potential clients and also be able to track your sales success – gathering this information will also be able to then put some solid Sales goals into place for the Event Manager.


After hosted hundreds of site inspections in across hundreds of venues, I've designed a specific Salesoda training to show your guests through your venue for a higher increased chance to convert on the spot. My training will give your venue and your team results in 24 hours. You will see improvements so quickly you'll wonder why you took so look to arrange this in person training. 


Business Planning - tough right?  You may be mistaken. Realistically, there's a simple guideline to follow and it's easy to use. I can show you how simple and easy this is to initiate and execute. Utilising Quarterly and Yearly goals that we will create together, you will find yourself around 75% more productive in reaching these goals using my systems.


Do you have an Event Manager taking a month of leave? Is there a Maternity Leave on the cards?

We're here to take the pressure off other team members and ensure your current clients are being nurtured, your enquiries are getting answered and your Sales are continuing to grow. We have the experience, maturity and knowledge to be able to cover this process and hand back the clients well looked after and cared for. 


Do you have a small or large-scale Event you require an experienced Event Manager to do all the work for you? No project is too small or too big for our team - with over 21 years of experience in Event Management fields we can complete any Wedding, Product Launch, Gala or Corporate Event.

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