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Event Management Course



Event Management Course

... to start understanding, recording, reporting and talking with confidence about your Events & Wedding Sales.

If there were a clear and actionable way that you could track all enquiries & conversions WITH or WITHOUT a Customer Management Tool.


… would you feel more courageous showing up each day and work on converting even more sales?


You see: you actually have the confidence there within you waiting for a little uplift.


This course is designed to give you the knowledge to add to your skillset so your new-found confidence will shine through with huge positivity.  

So why does the word "Sales" make so many of us break out in a cold sweat?

So, you’re ready to start the day with your coffee in hand, sitting in your home office or at your workplace ready to tackle your to-do list.


You’re scrolling through your emails and organising your day when your boss asks “how’s the projected sales going?”


You frantically rattle off all of the Events & Weddings you know you have booked in, mentioning the “big gun” clients who are spending the most money.

But your boss continues.. “that’s great but how many enquiries are coming in, how many tentatives do you have and what’s your conversion rate?”...

… at this point, you don’t mean to talk gibberish, but you might’ve just given them an estimate of 80% which purely isn’t true.


PHEW! That conversation’s over. Or. Maybe not.


Now you have to meet that conversion rate just you spat out! #schizer


What if l told you that understanding Events & Wedding Sales isn't as hard as you think?

Having structure and guidelines in Event & Wedding Sales is key to beginning the journey of increasing Sales for any business or individual. This course provides the 101 training to initiate the knowledge, understanding and development of the Event & Wedding Sales area of various job roles. Heck it may even improve the chances of you succeeding in getting the job roles you're going for! 

Think about this:

Would the employer rather say yes to someone with relevant experience... or....


say yes to someone with relevant experience AND specific Events & Wedding Sales training, who can provide sales reports & talk the lingo?

I know who I'd be hiring!



Start understanding, recording and talking with confidence about your Events & Wedding Sales statistics... all in a 4 module, month long program with a newly established like minded community.

It took 20 years in the biz, working with national & international companies, leading Events & Wedding Sales portfolios of up to $11m per year to create a simple to use system that works for beginners and advanced teams.

I'm handing over the step by step guide of how to measure your inbound sales (with or without CRM)... to you.

4 modules delivered to your inbox over 4 weeks
1 hour (approx) session every week completed at your leisure
Activities to complete in week 1, 2, 3 & 4
Start Date Anytime after your date of purchase!
Access Time 60 days

Open Doors


What's inside the 101?


Understanding Event Sales

If you ever felt the passion for Event Management, would like to talk the lingo and understand more about Event Sales… then I feel ya!


First we’ll dive into understanding hospitality, Event Sales and the differences between Event Management and Event Sales. This doesn’t limit to Event associated positions as we’ll also get into the importance that sales has in all venue roles.


Next we’ll chat about the amalgamation of Marketing & Events, including the importance of harmony between the 2 pillars.

Most importantly you will learn all about Honesty & Truth in Event Sales. There’s no car salesman pitch or real estate agent on the other end of the computer!

Understanding Event Sales
Sales Process


The We Surge ETC Process

The juiciest module of them all - a knowledge necessity in order to progress with any other of my courses.

Here we'll break down the definitions and styles of reactive & proactive ENQUIRIES, understanding where they come from and why they've chosen you.

You will learn what a TENTATIVE reservation is (yep I use one easy to understand model), how to implement this in your position straight away and how to use this new tool to negotiate conversions

What's a CONVERSION you ask? how about a conversion rate? Let me guide you on how to measure these rates for yourself and your business.


The Nitty Gritty

What's the use of all of these new pieces of knowledge and tools if you don't know how to use them? It's time to learn about the Qualification Process with clients.


You're also going to start reporting your enquiries, and how to read these statistics. This is super important to then start working on increasing your conversions. 


Speaking of conversions, you're going to learn how to break these down into 6 different segments for yourself and for the business so you can understand exactly where you are performing (have I mentioned that I love a stat?)


Now, we're going to put some SMART 3 month goals into place to increase your conversion rates... exciting times ahead!   

Bree Wailes Hospitality Sales
Upgrade your processes & templates


Upgrade your Processes & Templates

One of the biggest frustrations I hear is about time management. Not only will the techniques in this module help you organise your day, but ​they'll also increase the enjoyment of your role soo much more, because YOU will feel in control.

You'll also receive the training and physical email templates to assist you in the ETC journey. Release more hours in your day to focus on clients and give you the knowledge that it needs a little more than a Ctrl C + Ctrl V to convert these days.

How good is the feeling of going above and beyond! Imagine being able to produce Sales Reports to your superiors before they even ask for them - here you'll learn just how easy it is and receive the simple tool to make this happen

The Events & Wedding Sales 101 Course arms you with  information on the sales of Events and Weddings so you can confidently understand how it works and shift your mindset to a more Sales style approach to your clients (without sounding like a car salesman)

As you start putting your learnings to use, you can hop in our private community to dish out questions, ask for feedback and support others who are going through the same process - yep I'll be in there too for all of the advice you need

Bonus !

And because we all like
tangible items..


Email Templates: You'll receive 12, YEP 12 of my email templates to ease the customer journey through enquiry process and into the Sale

Conversion Goal & Action Template: Put some SMART goals in place to work on increasing your conversions each quarter over the course of a year

Conversion Reporting Template: Own your step by step guide on calculating conversions and how to report these up to your Direct Reports.

Sales Qualification Flow Chart & Process: Want to know exactly how to qualify your enquiries and get them to the conversion sooner? This doc will not only map out exactly what the next steps are to get them there, but also explain the process along the way

Salesoda ETC Reporting Process: You'll never forget how to report on your ETC process again! 

We Surge ETC Tracking & Reporting Template: This document will make all of the calculations for you! All you have to do is tally your ETC and you can send this document to your direct reports so they know how the Sales are tracking

Enquiry Reporting Template: If you don't have a CRM then this basic excel doc is the perfect tool for you. Not only to record everyone enquiring with you, but also to report conversions and follow up each week

Membership in the private Facebook group: Get ready to join a group of Events & Wedding enthusiasts going through the same journey you are. Share your thoughts, Ideas and ask for feedback from me.

There were plenty of gems I'll incorporate into my daily practices as a Sales & Events Manager

Bree is naturally a great speaker. Her recent Events & Weddings Sales 101 mini course presented fantastic content within the frameworks of a step by step model. Bree provided practical pieces and perspective (and funny stories) on Events & Sales that only someone who has extensive years within the industry can provide. I was intrigued and engaged the entire time.

I look forward to working with Bree again in the near future!

Stephanie Kesby


So how much does it cost?

When you enrol TODAY, you’ll click open your membership link to start:

My 4 Core Curriculum Trainings (value: $1,000)

12 of the We Surge email templates (value: $240)

Conversion Reporting Template (value: $200)
Conversion Goal & Action Template (value: $200)

Sales Qualification Flow Chart & Process (value: $150)

We Surge ETC Reporting Process (value: $100)

We Surge ETC Tracking & Reporting Template (value: $100)

Enquiry Reporting Template (value: $50)

Exclusive access to our Private Facebook Community (value: $PRICELESS)


But don't you worry, I won't be charging you anywhere near that price to introduce you to the world of Event & Wedding Sales Training 


I want this course to be accessible to everyone in hospitality, no matter what level of Events, Marketing or Operations you are at. These strategies even work great for those looking to get into Events. If you're ready to gain the basic skills to understand and start recording your Sales - ready to convert - then you're in the right place!

But because I'm so passionate to teach something that is considered SO niche, you can grab all of this juicy knowledge in the Events & Wedding Sales 101 Course for just... 

4 monthly payments of $149 AUD



A one-time payment of $497 AUD

Bree Wailes Wedding Sales Training

Hi! I'm Bree Wailes

The woman who has been in Events & Weddings for over 20 years and cares way more about the conversions than about the flowers and the cake

I was known to be a little "left field" back in Event & Wedding Management heydays because I cared more about the Sales Revenue and the Customer Journey than I did about the flowers and the cake. 

I've been lucky enough to work on Executive Teams where I have redeveloped internal business structures & strategies to ensure the Events & Weddings teams were converting more than ever.

Being personally responsible for multi-million dollar venue portfolios, I have reached each and every yearly target that has been thrown my way, increased revenue by 240% in one year, overseen 1500 weddings and have curated too many high-end corporate events to mention.

After many years of growth (20 in Hospo Events, Weddings, Marketing & Sales in fact) 

We Surge was born

So here I am, Founder of We Surge - ready to share all of my knowledge with you in a truly positive environment. 

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