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Preparation for Peak

Event Sales

Many years of experience made it super easy to prep for peak. I often get people asking, ‘when should we have sold peak season by’ and the simple answer is as far in advance as you possibly can! Realistically you should have your peak dates (Last 2 Thursdays and Fridays in November and First 2 Thursdays and Fridays in December for Corporates) Sold no later than April. Sound out of this world? It’s actually not – there’s a few strategies that you can put together to ensure that this takes place. It’s integral to work with your marketing department to align campaigns with Event Sales and ensure you’re both working hard towards the same goal.

Event Management / Wedding Planning

Back in my Wedding Planning heyday (the company I worked for completed 450 weddings per year) some of the staff I was supervising used to sigh with relief that June and July months were here – time for a break! I’ve even see this in Corporate venues too. I’d also have a lot of staff members ask my why I was able to leave on time during peak season to which I reply ‘easy’. Use all of the time you have! I’d rather spend my hours in off season working on customer nurturing and completing all of the back of house operational items for each event. Organise early what your clients would like as their food and beverages, put together their run sheets, put them in touch with your external suppliers, create your floor plans, distribute your Event Orders and even ask them to sign off on their final documents. There’s nothing better than that Strategic Planned feel where you are super on top of your workload, no internal departmental issues and your clients are happy because you’ve gone above and beyond to nurture their needs early.

Are you Ready?

So what are you up to right now? Are you ready for peak season? If you haven’t sold this season yet, not to worry – work on all your conversions and get ready to initiate a new plan in January ready for 2020. Do you have your Account Management completely up to scratch for your clients – is there any more information you could possibly get from them now to make the lead up to peak season much more relaxed for them and the business? Do you have time to send them a simple – ‘hey, how you going’ email? Can you imagine being a client and receiving a ‘just because we care’ email from your Event Manager? Treat your clients as you would like to be treated and see what happens as a result. Being super organised should start in January and move throughout the year. Your clients will be happier, your feedback will be better, your other internal departments will thank you and your stakeholder/business owners will be super proud. So what are you waiting for – grab that coffee and get cracking, and if you need help - that's what we're here for 😊

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