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Sales & Marketing for bizz
... with a little fizz

Bree Wailes Sales Consultant
What if l told you that understanding Sales isn't as hard as you think?

Having structure and guidelines in Sales is key to beginning the journey of increasing revenue for any business or individual. Salesoda training provides the proven coaching to initiate the knowledge, understanding and development of Sales in various businesses. Heck, I can even teach you how to proactively sell to get the clients of your dreams! 

Think about this:

Do you want to keep running your business with word of mouth and waiting on enquiries to come in ... or....
Learn how to convert more of your leads and even learn how to reach and gain new clients?

I know what I'd be choosing!


Hi! I'm Bree Wailes

over 21 years of Sales Experience

I was known to be a little "left field" back in Event & Wedding Management heydays because I cared more about the sales, the revenue and the customer journey than I did about the flowers and the cake. 

I've been lucky enough to work on Executive Teams where I have redeveloped internal business structures & strategies to ensure my sales teams were converting more than ever.

Being personally responsible for multi-million dollar  portfolios, I have reached each and every yearly target that has been thrown my way, increased revenue by 240% in one year, grown teams from 3 to 11 sales members and watched clients thrive.

After many years of growth (21 in Sales and Marketing in fact) 

Salesoda was born

So here I am, Founder of Salesoda - ready to share all of my knowledge with you in a truly positive & personal environment. 

Bree Wailes Sales Consultant

If you're wondering how to increase your sales and conversions in your business, then you've found the right page! Salesoda is here to bring the fizz and excitement to your sales techniques. I'm here to improve your current processes and show you new ones you haven't even thought of. This is all done 1:1 to ensure you get the MOST you can out of my decades of experience. 


Got Some Questions Fizzing?

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How do I increase sales?

Firstly, you will need to review your current sales process. Are there areas in there that are perhaps not working in your favour? Do you need to minimise your communication touch points? Put your clients shoes on and see what the experience is like from their point of view, ensure it's easy, seamless and that you are doing the heavy lifting for them. ​ Secondly ensure your product/service is packed full of value. With all of the digital sales spaces the offers and opportunities are endless for clients, so you need to ensure you stand out from the rest. Do you have items you can add on to ensure your clients are more engaged and excited to purchase from you and not your competitor? ​ How's your messaging? Does the product or service you're selling match by design and content on all of your platforms? You need to ensure that the customer gets the same experience and understands what you are selling on all platforms throughout the sales journey.  ​ There are so many ways to increase sales within your business, simply see my Sales Training for Business page to find out more ​

How do I become a really good salesperson?

Well practice makes perfect! If you've been relying on word of mouth or enquiries to come into your inbox, there's definitely many more things you can do. You may be getting those enquiries in but not converting them from lead to sale. Firstly I recommend understanding your conversion rate. Start by measuring how many leads you received and how many of those turn into paid clients. Understanding the transactions that are currently taking place in your business will provide you with the success rate and knowledge to then train on how to increase that.  ​ Confidence also plays a part in sales. You don't have to be an extravert or have a car-salesman personality to sell. Just remember you are the subject matter expert of your product or service because YOU created it. Nobody knows it better than you so your confidence can come from within. ​ Selling should be fun! Sales for me is fun! If you're finding it not an enjoyable experience then maybe you need to reflect on your sales journey to ensure you're delivering excitement to the customer just as you are to your business.

Why should I Proactively Sell?

Are you simply waiting for clients to come to you but know you can do better? Do you have some dream clients in mind who will not only fill your cup but also your piggy bank? Then Proactive Sales is the way to go.  Enquiries and new leads are fantastic, we all love them right, but the buck doesn't stop there. If we're not outreaching to new potential customers each week, how do convert more sales? Proactive sales is a super fun way to feel more in charge of who your clients are, increase your revenue and reach out to those you would like to work with. It's also really not that hard to do. Not only does it create an amazing first reach to your clients, but it also spreads awareness of your brand and promotes word of mouth, but most importantly helps fill the bank when leads are low. Practice makes perfect and there's no better time to start than now, so what are you waiting for?


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